Cooperation – Consulting – Celebrating Crafts Future

Together with RAUMPROBE Stuttgart – always a great pleasur in cooperating.

In the year 2023 we came around for discussing the material and crafts technology of ceramics – not only by Ceramic Districts – for the future, at Raumprobe Stuttgart: by the way 18 years old and so young, brilliant and effective in material consultancy like never before.

In the year 2020 Marina-Elena was member of the jury for Material Prize 2020, announced by Raumprobe Stuttgart,…and we made other discussions in using the ‘material boxes’ by Raumprobe and the Book ‘Design Engineering – sustainable and holistic’, by Marina-Elena, because we: Raumprobe and Marina are collaborating with Avedition publishers… so many common power in the ‘Business of Materials’… we are material nerds for the Sustainable Development Goals;)

Thank to the fantastic team of Raumprobe, in special at the picture: to Jörg and Joachim – and Hannes within the picture attached. Thank you so much.


Marina at Raumprobe Stuttgart, 2020, Jury meeting Material Prize 2020
Werner Aisslinger , Hannes Bäuerle, Marina, 2020, pictures: Raumprobe Stuttgart.

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