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Evening gown by Marina-Elena inspired by artist Hundertwasser, designed and produced by hands on designing by Marina, 30 years ago.

To the Marina-Elena Wachs Archives:

thank you with music…‘ – Summer party with fantastic musicians grateful to 3 decades of creativity.

With grateful thanks to Ulrike Spengler and so many other musicians, cooperation partners and friends for this wonderful summer night – and in special to Alex Giese – High Fidelity Hannover: https://www.alexgiese.de

‚from opera to modern jazz and back‘

…with international soprano singer, Ulrike Spengler, emotional tones  of ‚dreams‘ by Richard Wagner and modern interpretations by Carl Stamitz ‚Romace‘ by the trumpet player Joshua Groza and the saxophonist Christian Friederici the night began as wonderful like the dances and interesting talks completed a perfect summer night party. Thank you with music for expressing the joy about 3 decades of creativity with all cooperation partners – celebrating togetherness.
Thank you all, for creating this night as a special one;) merci, thank you, mille grazie, sinceras gracias!

(pic.: Sopran singer Ulrike Spengler and Marina-Elena, June 2023, picture by V Wachs)

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