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‘Re-Designing History’ as example for togetherness in design – thank you Knut!

See the “re-designing history” process at the beginning of Marinas own ‘re-design of the DNA of Businesses’, her own signature in doing and designing resilient within the interdisciplinary fields of Gestaltung – with the sparing partner Knut Amtenbrink by  Amtenbrink Design, Braunschweig.

This process began in the year 2023 and finalised in 2024 – for example with the launch of this new website. Thank you Knut!, always a pleasure in designing, thinking about design – together since so many years;) merci!
In the year 2023 Marina-Elena celebrated more than 3 decades of business – see the ‘thank you with music’ post – in crafts, industrial designing interdisciplinarily, with the reference in design theory and reflecting educational didactic purpose over the years with European Collegues from Industry and Universities around the world. Grateful for this common interplay for sustainable design solutions, it gave a new impact and inspiration for the next step.

The year was worth for ‘looking back going forward’ -process and this is refelction in design, like the pictures represents, the assessement and critical path of the own studio … Assessements with other partners from industries, foundation, museums, institutions are a valuable treasure and always a face to face interaction, with different design methods: Design thinking, mapping methods and hands on designing vis à vis of AI-tools are giving us all the possibilities to create and communicate valuable longlasting design content for a resilient world.
Let us design togehter.

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