AI as a resilient creation tool for hand to brain coordina-tion in design?

I am very proud to present with the next textile design engineering experts together at EPDE Conference 2024 at Birmingham, at Aston University with the topic about “Rise the Machines”… we have to discuss the designing formats of the future: togetherness – SDG 17 – and hand brain coordination – designing by co-piloting with AI – but: First hands on designing before designing with Chat GPT, Midjourney or Rhino… First embodied experiences for evaluating AI generated textile design engineering solutions…come along for discussing together  at Birmingham:
1. Wachs, Marina-Elena, (Hochschule Niederrhein – University of Applied Sciences, Germany), 2. Gesa Balbig (BYBORRE, NL), 3. Yani Chaung (Textile Museum Tilburg, NL), 4. Alberte Holmø Bojesen (freelance DK). see you – and rise the hands.

(will be published at Reserach gate Marina-Elena Wachs, at September 2024)

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