Congratulation: 4A Architekten exhibition next at Stuttgart …

Swimming in Atmosphere II – Congratulation to Ulle Tillmanns and the brilliant team of 4A Architekten: what a wonderful, sensefull, nature inspired architectural work! The exhibition at AEDES Architecture Forum Berlin.

4A Architekten from Stuttgart Germany exposed the decade long sustainable architectural work. You will have the possiblity to dive into this brilliant exihibition at Stuttgart again…next to come at April 2024; a great pleasure and inspiration for the next experts of architectural designing – with ceramics and textiles – and to hold on to crafts knowledge and an European based industry for “Baukultur”: We have to work together: SDG 17 is our goal in that. As member of DIVIA – Diversity of Architecture, I would like to encourage the next female architects in the interdisciplinary play;) see you at Stuttgart! best Marina

Andreas, Marina, Ulle, Franziska, Matthias, Ulrike, Martin at Berlin Aedes Galerie, Foto Marina-E. Wachs, 2024

View into the exhibition at Aedes Galerie Berlin 15.12.2023-15.01.2024, Fotos Marina-E. Wachs, 2024.

Ulrike Brandi – Ulle Tillmanns – Marina-Elena Wachs: The elements of creative spirit for resilient solutions in architecture, designing and process management joins our collaboration – that will last.

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