Classics in fashion – a resilient statement within exhibitions

See the iconic picture of classical fashion, the cool wool couture, Marina created and produced 30 years ago – during her apprenticeship -, and she is wearing the costume – at the same time the blazer jacket as mini dress – until today with pride;  Marina ‘I care about this beautyful, sustainable statement piece.

… and this was part of the exhibition, that Marina organized with 8 other female desinger at tim – textile and industrial museum Augsburg in the year 2021: The exhibition named ‘Design Goals – Designerinnen setzen Zeichen für textile Nachhaltigkeit’. (engl.: Design Goals – Female designer taking positions for textile sustainability) The Design Goals, as title of the show, referencing to the SDGs – Sustainable Design Goals by UN, are the aim, for supporting all 17, but the SDG 17 is the most important: SDG 17 – Partnerships for the Goals;)

see more – the inside picture a head, the catalogue here: 2022_Exposé_Design Goals.
and at you tube:

‘Design Goals – Designerinnen setzen Zeichen für textile Nachhaltigkeit”

It is about master pieces and to hold on crafts techniques and crafts knowledge – in Germany and Europe. Marina-Elena

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