How to write a PhD in Design – a cakewalk?

In the year 2011, Prof. Dr. Marina-Elena Wachs published togehter with Prof. Dorothee Weinlich (Hochschule Hannover – Fakultät III Medien, Information, Design) the german / engl. title about:

– how to write a PhD in Design, what are the essential key elements about the doctoral thesis in design?

– what kind of logisitics, financial support, scientific frame… do you need to know … within the scientific space in design?

– in addition, in comparison to other European perspectives, comparing the classical path of the German doctoral thesis with the more practise based PhD in GB for example…

– this books gives you an overall helpful overview, in discussing the forms of PhD in Design.

– as well very helpful to respect the scientific design frame for answering the questions about: Design as a scientific field?

(Auf dem Wege zu einer akzeptierten Designwissenschaft, die bezugswissenschaftliche Fachbereiche nutzt, um auf wissenschaftlicher Ebene vergleichbar zu anderen Disziplinen im Diskurs anschließen zu können, ist dieses Buch ein weiterer Meilenstein: die strukturierte Promotion im Fach Design.)

For being interested to get the book, please contact Marina-Elena

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