The German Look at Design

The German Look at Design – advanced TEXTILE  solutions

2015 / Prof. Dr. Marina-Elena Wachs zusammen mit
Prof. Ellen Bendt, Hochschule Niederrhein – FB Textil- und Bekleidungstechnik

The interdisciplinary project „The German Look – advanced TEXTILE solutions“, which had been presented in 2015, showcased a collection of several BA- and MA-student projects and research works of Master students, in the following topics …

The interdisciplinary project „The German Look – advanced TEXTILE solutions“:

I. Smart Textile and Mobility in Fashion: SMART FASHION („creative processing“)
II. Luxury and sustainability: „White World“
III. Design concepts…for a better world
IV. Textile Porcelain
V. Smart mobility to go
VI. Kids World – (textile) patterns connecting generations (and special groups in design)

THE CHALLENGE for the students existed in defining the typical character of each cultural design codes, in combination with discussing the terms „Luxury“ and „Mobility“, „Sustainability“ and „Smart Textile“ for example in Fashion AND automotive interior design for advanced design solutions for tomorrow. Forecasting trends in smart textiles, like the actual discussed terms about „Biocouture“ and „Green Smarts“, are only two small aspects about research projects in a new material world…
„Upside downing“ in up-cycling design and redesign of handcraft techniques demonstrating the range of parameters in the case of sustainability…
With the look at the German style and for example in comparing with Scottish- or Italian fashion design codes or with the craftsman’s knowledge, we will demonstrate „The German Look“ in connecting cultural heritage of fashion design and handcraft power with 3-D techniques…

The project „The German Look – advanced TEXTILE solutions“ – Expositions:

– Fashion Week Berlin: Bikini Haus Berlin January 2015
- TechTextil fair at Frankfurt: 4.-7. May 2015
- Mg zieht an, Mönchengladbach 28.-29. May 2015
- ITMA, Milano 12-19 November 2015

Media: Exhibition catalogue and see film at you tube: The German Look at Design.

please feel invited to contact:

Prof. Dr. Marina-Elena Wachs

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