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Please see attached the list of publication and reports by Marina-Elena Wachs. Within the year the focus is about SDG 4,5,6, 12 and 17… Together we are dicussing resilient design solutions around the world interactively… thank you for your engagement for the change of sustainable behaviour and educated human beings in the world. Marina-ElenaPublication Reports Marina Elena Wachs Jan 2024

The picture attached as an example for longtime, cross cultural design didactic discussions at EPDE (- Engineering and Product Design Education conferences) with highly appreciated collegues around the world: THANK YOU.

Picture ahead: EPDE Conference 2019 at Glasgow, Marina-Elena Wachs togehter with Prof. Ashley Hall PhD (RCA London) presenting the common paper:

European Driving Range – Innovative Landscapes for a Tangible, Non-hierarchical Learning Space Within a Material and Immaterial Togetherness

Pictures above: organizer Jo Windslow and Dr Lindon Buck with collegues from EU at EPDE conference 2022 – Ross Brisco, Ann-Luise Bang, and many of them all the years in discussing design engineering didactic purpose;

Picture in addition with new design experts Theresa Scholl (Germany) and Giulia D’Aleo (Italy, Milano) , pic.: M.E. Wachs, 2022)

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