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Marina-Elena Archives – Couture yesterdays future

Cool Wool Costume - timeless fashion design - handcrafts knowledge - as master of couture - this is one example of Marina-Elena Wachs Archives... the 'architecture' of fashion;

Rose Signature Trench Coat – not only A summer long history

Trench Coat from the 1990s, hand crafteded, cut shaped to the individual body, classical style with be loved colour, details like rose pearl buttons and warm cosy natural based 100% cellulose material ...lasting for…

Celebrating Couture & Design – hold on crafts technology and knowledge archives

To the Marina-Elena Wachs Archives: ‚thank you with music…‘ – Summer party with fantastic musicians grateful to 3 decades of creativity. With grateful thanks to Ulrike Spengler and so many other musicians, cooperation partners…

Portfolio Marina-Elena Wachs

White blazer coat of wool, made by Marina-Elena during the 1990s, wearing it until today- longlasting classics - what else.

CV – Marina-Elena Wachs 02/2024

CV  Marina-Elena Wachs See attached the CV by Marina-Elena Wachs, as Industrial Designer, Master-Tailor and Professor for Design Theory. CV_Marina-Elena Wachs Engl 02_ 2024

Haute Couture – Marina-Elena Archives – time less classics since 30 years

Evening Gown II – classics – hands on designing See the brilliant silk made, duchesse satin for the rose skirt and the white “grand chemisier” made of white popeline – 100 % cotton made;…

Classics in fashion – a resilient statement within exhibitions

See the iconic picture of classical fashion, the cool wool couture, Marina created and produced 30 years ago – during her apprenticeship -, and she is wearing the costume – at the same time…

DESIGN ENGINEERING – sustainable and holistic

Design Engineering – sustainable and holistic, by Marina-Elena Wachs Graphic design by Eva Finkbeiner English Lektorat: Louise Huber-Fennell im Avedition Verlag Stuttgart

Light goes! – interdisciplinary designing via teamplay

Grateful for cooperating in teamplay for “Light goes!”, thanks to Ulrike Brandi, Bernhard Mann, Ulle Tillmanns, Manuel Windmann + Marina-Elena Wachs;) See attached products like: Light goes concrete, light goes wood on glass, Berlin,…